Friday, 17 July 2009

Manchester United has arrived in Malaysia!!!

There are here again for the 3rd time. Though without Cristiano Ronaldo who has moved to Bernabeu, I don't think the fans really care. It is not everyday that you could watch the Devils play live in front of you. Today's training session held at Bukit Jalil was attended by ardent 40,000 fans coming as far as from the neigbouring country, Thailand. Though I wasn't there, due to: 1. Keje, 2. tak dpt tiket pree,hehehe... I will definitely be there for tomorrow match between the Devils and Malaysia Selection.

So, dh tak sabar2 ni, kene siapkan senjata2 yg penting, bateri flash, bateri kamera, cuci lense bla, bla, bla... InsyaAllah will post photos of some of the highlight of the match... See you there...

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