Thursday, 28 May 2009

KLIA Golden Lounge Domestic Review

Buat pertama kali aku berpeluang naik Business Class MAS semasa trip kerja aku ke Kota Kinabalu minggu lepas. Itupun tiket upgrade lepas tolak 15,000 Enrich points yang aku kumpul selama lebih 5 tahun. Dengan Business Class, aku dapat le check-in dekat kaunter khas untuk Business dan 1st Class yang kurang sesak berbanding dengan kaunter Economy Class di KLIA.

Lepas siap jek check-in yang tak sampai 10 minit menunggu, aku pun terus ke Golden Lounge Domestic untuk menikmati kemudahan yang ditawarkan. Lounge tersebut letaknya di sebelah pintu2 berlepas A, terminal utama KLIA.

Sebelum dibenarkan masuk, aku kene tunjuk boarding pass pada penyambut tetamu lounge tu. Takda pass, tak boleh masuk...

Menepati namanya, setting dalam lounge tersebut menjurus kepada business travellers dengan bahan2 bacaan dan akhbar2 perniagaan dan kewangan. Bagaimanapun ada juga akhbar2 harian dan majalah seperti Men's Health dan Reader's Digest etc. TVnya plak diaorang pasang CNN. Bosannya....

Sementara tu pulak view kat luar lounge ni berlatar belakangkan sekitar kawasan parking, satelit terminal untuk flight antarabangsa dan juga airport runaway.

Yang best dalam Lounge ni tak lain tak bukan makanan dan minuman, free flow. Dari nasi lemak,cereal dan yogurt, hinggalah ke pastries dan sandwich. Airnya pun macam2 ada, jus, soft drink, coffee, tea, sebut aje....
Last sekali, pas dah penat makan, boleh la lepak2 atas kerusi urut yang ada kat dalam lounge ni. Samada nak urut kaki, belakang atau full body, terletak pada selera anda... Memang best.....

Saturday, 16 May 2009

We are the champions, my friends.......!!!

Tonight, Man Utd were confirmed as the champions of England for record-equalling 18th time at the Theatre of Dreams. The goalless draw with bitter rivals, Arsenal, gave United unassailable 87 points to Liverpool 80 points even though the Merseyside has 2 games to play.

The latest haul has put United as the unquestioned kings of English football together with Liverpool who held that title for almost 30 years. Judging at the pace United are going, it will not be long before the so called 'Looserpool' lose it altogether.

Hail United, hail Sir Alex!!!.

Glory, glory, Man United!!!!

Glory, glory Man United! Will the Red Devils win BPL tonight?

Will Manu clinch the English Premier League title for the 18th times tonight? As tonight match is the last home match for the Red Devils, this is a million dollar question considering that only in 1999, they been confirmed as champions on their home turf under the gaffer, Sir Alex Ferguson. In fact, it is peculiar that Manu won it four times on the last day of the season on away ground.

As the statistics was not enought to put United against the odds of clinching the title early at Old Trafford, their opponent for tonight will be none other than Sir Alex's bitter rival, Arsene Wenger's Arsenal.

However, looking into current forms, United has the upper hand. United has won the last three games with resilient shown by its players, home and away, in all competitions. However, the Gunners, head to Old Trafford on the back of a 4-1 aggregated drubbing against the Red Devils in Europe and a 4-1 revers at home to Chelsea last week. Furthermore, the Devils only need a point from this game, thus giving them a higher chance of equalling Liverpool record of winning the league.

Therefore, I'm calling all United fans out there to don their colours and prepare for a wild celebration tonight. Man United will surely win at the Theatre of Dreams tonight! Glory, glory Man United!!!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sneak peek: The journey from my Alpha's point of view.

As promised, I've inserted below some of my photo collection throughout my journey with my new gadget, Sony Alpha 200, for a sneak peek.

Following this, I will share my series of travel photos and log starting with my recent journey to three cities of the so called 'Island of Gold' or 'Land of Gold' in ancient times. Those are Pekan Baru, Bukit Tinggi and Padang of Sumatera Island.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

'Naf-neng' la, bukan 'nuf-nang'.....

For the second time today, I've been corrected when I said the word 'nuffnang'. And I just learned on how to pronounce it correctly. Instead of 'nuf-nang', which I've been pronouncing it over and over before, it should be 'naf-neng'. Gosh.. why can't we Malayanised it? hahaha... whatever...

And today, I managed to insert nuffnang ad in 3 corners of my blog, thanks to dillaz. Hopefully, one day, when this blog gain higher traffic, I will receive a phone call from nuffnang offering me to place special ads in this blog, and of course, with bigger incentives as what 'Orang Cina' may have got (I guess so) recently. This guy happen to have the same problem with me in correctly pronouncing nuffnang. So, I guess, I am not alone after all...

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

My 1st entry!

1. What makes me blog?
a) Coz almost everyone blog. So, I blog la..., as long as it won't make me looks goblok (it means stupid in Indon).
b) Coz u guys n gals out there say so.

2. What will be in Kembara Lensaku?
a) My travelogue to more than 20 countries of 4 continents spanning from the State to the Down Under over the past 35 years.
b) My travel adventures from the point of view of my lens, be it my old Samsung compact camera, pictures from a film camera loaned from my good friend or my latest investment, Sony DSLR Alpha 200.
c) Photos coming out from my 2nd of very expensive hobbies, photography. Of course, the 1st one is golf. (Indeed... they are really expensive and there are no turning back!, hehehe...)
d) Photo tips and tricks that I learned from workshop, magazine or the Net itself.
e) Miscellaneous - my other interest like sports, Man U, local politics and anything comes into my mind that I want to share it with the world...

Next post - a sneak peak to my photo collections...