Tuesday, 12 May 2009

My 1st entry!

1. What makes me blog?
a) Coz almost everyone blog. So, I blog la..., as long as it won't make me looks goblok (it means stupid in Indon).
b) Coz u guys n gals out there say so.

2. What will be in Kembara Lensaku?
a) My travelogue to more than 20 countries of 4 continents spanning from the State to the Down Under over the past 35 years.
b) My travel adventures from the point of view of my lens, be it my old Samsung compact camera, pictures from a film camera loaned from my good friend or my latest investment, Sony DSLR Alpha 200.
c) Photos coming out from my 2nd of very expensive hobbies, photography. Of course, the 1st one is golf. (Indeed... they are really expensive and there are no turning back!, hehehe...)
d) Photo tips and tricks that I learned from workshop, magazine or the Net itself.
e) Miscellaneous - my other interest like sports, Man U, local politics and anything comes into my mind that I want to share it with the world...

Next post - a sneak peak to my photo collections...


  1. Selamat datang saudaraku.
    There is no turning back. Are you really really sure?
    Muahahahahahahahahahaha *evil sinister laugh*
    Lepas ni listkan la blog saya disini.. ;)

  2. Pak man,
    List kan blog saya sekali.. Huahahahahaha! :)))

  3. Tenkiu,tenkiu...
    Sure know there's no turning back as what happened w FB, hahaha....
    Tp camne ek nk listkn blog?
    -tunjuk ajar ku sifu-