Monday, 23 May 2011

Good Morning Alor Setar.. Lets try manual white balance...

Date: 25 Apr 2011
Event: Outstation works
Location: Alor Setar, Kedah
I was in Alor Setar last month for some works and stayed in the Holiday Villa hotel.  Every morning, after Subuh, I enjoyed the beautiful view of the town with Alor Setar Tower at one side and part of Gunung Jerai at the backround, prior to the sunrise.  To capture these moments, I've tried to catch it by playing different white balance (Customise) instead of the AWB (Auto Wide Balance) based on lesson taught by Masta Lufiahs.

Firstly, I set the white balance to the lower end at about 3000 Kelvin (K).  Notice on the 'bluish' colour or cold feeling of the picture as a result of this.

Alor Setar in Blue.

Next, I set the white balance to the upper limit at around 5500K.  Take note on the 'yellowish/orange' or warm mood of the picture.  Please ignore the several dirt on the pictures as this was taken behind the hotel's glass window.

 Alor Setar in Orange.

Finally, I've tried several shots by lowering several hundred kelvins at one time until I get the kind of mood that I want which produced the following.
The 165m Alor Setar Tower.

Kind of easy right... Let try yourself when you go for shooting next time around...

Special credit to Masta Lufiahs for his simple but easy to understand 'tutorial' that finally make this happen.

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