Saturday, 4 June 2011

Outdoor photoshoots with Eddieputera

Reflection of Tugu Negara on the model's eye.

Date: 14 Apr 2011
Event: Outdoor photoshoots with Eddieputera
Location: Tugu Negara, Kuala Lumpur

This photoshoot was organised by Kelab TM Metro KL for the first time and they had invited Eddieputera to impart his knowledge and skills on outdoor portraiture at Tugu Negara, KL.
 Tugu Negara signboard
However, it was raining from the start and we have no choice but to shoot only within the pavilion area of the Tugu Negara.
 Wet, wet,wet day.
Eddieputera begin the session with a brief on basics knowledge in photography such as aperture, shutter speed and important of light to photography.
  Eddieputera sharing his knowledge.
Then, Eddieputera let us loose for us to apply what he had briefed and take several photos of the surrounding area.  As it was raining, we were limited to only shoot from within the pavilion area. However, I managed to capture some of the following shots.
 Panoramic veiw of Tugu Negara and the pavilion.

 An artist at work.

 Tugu Negara from back.

 The plague commemorating the opening of the Tugu Negara on 1966.

 A tourist taking picture of her family .

 Mimie posing for the shootout.

Then, after divided us into three groups, each of the group has been assigned with a model and I was in a group with a model named Mimie.  These are some of the shots taken on this model.
 One of the shot taken with Konica Minolta 50mm1.7 lense.

 A high-key shot.

 A shot using wireless flash.

  My free-style shot.

 Mimie with hijab.

 A shot with tele-lense.
As we are shooting, curious onlookers and tourist take the opportunity to take a photo of our model too.
Curious tourist joining the shootout albeit with his handphone camera.

All in all, it was a good experience for me as this is my 1st time going out doing portratiure with the pro.  I'm really looking forward for the next outing with the club.

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